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    Parents always love getting their babies clicked for some exceptional pictures lasting forever. Getting your child photographed may seem to be a good choice to secure precious moments when he’s growing up. However, photographing children can be quite tricky. 

    There are certain barriers you need to cross before you can take a good picture of your child. It’s quite obvious that you need to hire a professional for the job. But if you want to try your hand at photographing children, here are some tips which may be useful. However, it’s important to hire a professional Vancouver baby and newborn photographer. 

    Shooting at Home 

    While photographing your child or getting them photographed at home, the first step is to move the couch out of your living room. This will help you create ample space for the shoot. If possible, you should set up a grey, seam-less paper roll on a basic stand. Such paper roll will be able to create a neutral background for the shoot. 

    For environmental portraits, you need to use an uncluttered wall. Window light is the best way to receive natural, beautiful, directional light to be utilized during the shoot. White walls and ceilings are always great for bounce flash. In case your walls are a different color, you should use a white sheet. 

    Most importantly, you need to make your kids feel comfortable. A lot of changes in the natural environment may make your kids skeptical about the shoot. Kids never like too many changes, and you need to consider this factor. 

    Kids are Impatient 

    Almost every kid is impatient in life. Therefore, before you bring in the kids, you should set up everything. In case you’re not ready, they will lose patience very fast. It is important to use longer, faster lenses to defocus anything in the background. 

    For portraits, it can be perfect to use a fast, 85 mm lens. However, the long-end of the basic zoom that came with the interchangeable lens camera can also work well. It is important to position the subjects about 6 feet in front of their background. This will help you defocus the background, while dropping shadows behind them. 

    Using Flash 

    It is always better to use a flashgun. This can help you freeze the kids’ movements. You should bounce the flash off your ceiling. This increases the lighting sweet spot. In the beginning, you should set the shutter speed to 1/25th second. The aperture should be set to F/4. It can be perfect to invest your money in a flashgun that can be easily tilted towards both ceilings and walls. 

    Get Down and Let the Kids Enjoy 

    While clicking your kids, you should try shooting from the kid’s eye level. Even if you have to, you should get down on your stomach. It will allow you to create natural looking pictures. You should let your camera do the focusing. It is worth mentioning that most modern age cameras can easily keep up with fast moving and unsettled children. 

    You should fill in the shadows with an affordable piece of standard 4 x 4 inches foam core on your floor. It will be better to avoid a second light. In order to take great pictures, you should position your subject on the white floors to create a very evenly lit photo. Last but not the least, just let your kids run free and create some chaos. In most cases, chaos leads to natural and exceptional pictures. Do hire a professional Vancouver baby and newborn photographer.